Refugees moving into homeless shelters in Hungary

Six refugees from the Bicske Refugee center have moved to a homeless shelter two weeks ago (A research visit to a homeless shelter in Budapest). Migráns Szolidaritás Csoport (Migrant Solidarity Group of Hungary) does not believe this is a good solution for refugee housing problems: These shelters are far away from the Budapest city centre, it costs the refugees 1400 Ft (4.80€) to travel to the city, and they have no possibility to integrate to Hungarian society.

We strongly disagree with transferring refugees to homeless shelters on two basis: Firstly, the government’s obligation to solve housing issues is part of an integration plan and assisting refugees into society. By sending refugees into homeless shelters there will be no positive opportunity for integration.

Secondly, the homeless shelters are already nearly meeting their capacity according to a recent statement by an activist group struggling with housing issues in Budapest, A Város Mindenkie. This means it is impossible for the existing shelter system to also house thousands of refugees and asylum seekers – many of whom have left Hungary and are now in danger of being deported back to Hungary under the Dublin rules.

Migráns Szolidaritás Csoport urges the immigration office (OIN) to find a permanent solution to this problem because refugees who are given permission to stay in this country should not be placed into homeless shelters. Migráns Szolidaritás Csoport is additionally concerned that by placing the refugee families in homeless shelters Hungary will be violating the rights of children. A shelter is not a place for children who must prepare themselves for school and certainly cannot be a place to study do homework after school.

This is a terrible ‘solution’ by the Immigration office (OIN), another solution must be found.